1) поиск || искать; осуществлять поиск || поисковый
2) вчт команда или программа поиска
3) исследование; изучение || исследовать; изучать
- search in state space
- admissible search
- area search
- automated search
- automatic search
- automatic program search
- backtracking search
- beam search
- best-first search
- binary search
- bisection search
- blind search
- Boolean search
- branch-and-bound search
- brute force search
- case-insensitive search
- case-sensitive search
- catalog search
- chaining search
- chapter search
- Charalambous' search
- conjunctive search
- content-addressable search
- contextual search
- database search
- depth-first search
- dichotomizing search
- directory search
- disjunctive search
- exhaustive search of memory
- eyeball search
- fast search
- Fibonacci search
- Fibonacci numbers search
- file search
- fixed-format search
- folder search
- frequency-agile search
- geometrical search
- golden section search
- graph search
- hash search
- heuristic search
- holographic information search
- hybrid bisection-cubic search
- indexed search
- key search
- keyword search
- limit-type search
- linear search
- logarithmic search
- multiple-string search
- optimum tree search
- ordered search
- parallel search
- patent search
- pattern matching search
- proximity search
- quadratic quotient search
- quantum search
- radar search
- random search
- reconnaissance search
- self-terminating search
- semantic search
- sequential search
- sequential tree search
- serial search
- skip search
- stepped search
- straightforward search
- tree search
- variable search by value
- weighted search
- word search

English-Russian electronics dictionary .

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